Play Checkers Online

Free online checkers is just like standard checkers, but it gives you many more game variations to choose from. It is an excellent way for beginners to learn the game and hone new skills. By understanding the basics of online checkers and practicing the game often, you will have the advantage when you play face-to-face against an opponent.

Classic Checkers

In the classic checkers game, there are two players. Each chooses a color, either red or black and each player lines up three rows of pieces on the black squares. The black player goes first and the color you prefer will depend on your strategy. You simply click on the red piece, and then click the square where you would like to move it. Your opponent will take his or her turn and each player moves until one player either cannot move, or has no pieces left.

Playing free online checkers will help you improve your game. Beginners should start slowly, carefully considering each move. Watch how better players strategize and learn from their successes. The more games you watch and play, the greater your “vocabulary” of moves will become. You will see how certain moves tend to end in a loss while others tend to end in a win.

Understanding Strategy

Play Checkers OnlineAs you learn, begin to apply a strategy that you can follow towards the goal of winning. Learn methods of attack and defense to increase your skills. Stick to Standard Checkers for a while, until you learn the game well, and then move on to rules that are more complicated. Once you gain skill, you can try your hand at 3-Move Restriction or International Draughts.

One strategy that benefits beginners is to keep your pieces near the center of the board and try not to break your last line of defense. Understand that pieces on the sides cannot move as many places, meaning they are half as effective as other pieces.

Once you gain the advantage by capturing more of the other player’s pieces than he or she has captured, become more aggressive and take advantage of your opponent’s weakness. However, always be mindful of your position, or the tables can turn quickly.

Try to concentrate your pieces together. Scattered pieces are at a disadvantage because they are easier for your opponent to capture. Your opening moves will be highly important in how well you are able to achieve and maintain the advantage in position.

Take time to analyze your opponent’s strategy. If you can figure out what he or she is up to, you have a better chance of defending against the strategy.

Simple Trick

You can also try a trick that is easier said than done, but helps many players stay in the game longer, even when their checkers strategy is not particularly sophisticated. Once each person has lost three checkers, do everything you can to keep an odd number of your pieces in the columns of your board. The arrangement makes it harder for the opponent to capture your pieces.