Mac Checkers

Fans of classic board games and superior home computing will want to learn more about checkers for Mac. By Mac, I mean Macintosh, the line of personal computers from Apple that debuted in 1984 and have been making Bill Gates look like a nitwit ever since.

While most sites are compatible with the Mac, there are those that will only work with a PC. For that reason, a search for “Internet checkers Mac” or “online checkers Mac” will turn up games that simply won’t display properly. In order to save you time and lots of aggravation, I’ve put together this list of checkers sites that will support Mac products and run smoothly every time.

Yahoo Checkers – When it comes to online checkers, Yahoo is the undisputed king. All you need to get started is a Yahoo ID and a Java-enabled browser, and within moments you’ll be playing checkers and chatting with friends all over the world. The site supports the standard rules of checkers and the traditional scoring system, so there’s nothing new to learn. You can choose to play multiple games at once, and there are unlimited free play tables to enjoy. But when you’re really serious, I suggest becoming a member and setting your sights on the top of their leaderboard. To sample Yahoo checkers and the wide range of board games, card games, and other games they offer, head over to

Pogo Checkers – is managed by EA, the same people behind the Madden franchise and tons of other sports-related video games. Their foray into the world of board and card games has been a huge success, as the site had 220,560 players when I visited. Almost as popular as Yahoo, Pogo allows you to play checkers for free against the computer or a human opponent. You can chat with opponents while you play, and daily cash drawings and jackpots encourage you to return. There are three themes to choose from before you begin play (street, classic wood and brass, and futuristic chrome), and you can earn Pogo tokens by capturing opposing kings or making multiple jumps in a turn. It’s free to create an account, and doing so will give you access to over 80 free online games. Mac users should have no problem, although running the latest version of Firefox or Safari will give you the best results. Please note, however, that Pogo downloadable games are not compatible with Mac, and OS 8 and 9 are not supported.

Tranquil Checkers – Whether you’re looking to play online against a friend or battle it out with the computer through ten levels of difficulty, Tranquil Checkers is an entertaining option for fans of checkers for Mac. A full move list is provided, the colors of pieces can be customized, and games can even be saved and continued at a later date. And thanks to one unique feature, you can undo moves against the computer all the way back to the beginning of the game. Available from, this version of Internet checkers requires at least Mac OS X 10.2.

Checkers Challenge 1.0 – Designed by Absolutist and found at, this online version of checkers will challenge your abilities to make quick decisions and adjust your strategy in mid-stream. The game automatically saves when you exit the program, and the demo mode has a sophisticated artificial intelligence. But the real strength comes when you play against another human being, as you’ll both get a kick out of the game’s animated effects and sounds. A great option for older folks who want to keep their mind sharp, as well as youngsters looking to kill a little time in-between text messages.

Checkers – The title of this Mac-compatible checkers game isn’t very creative, but it does get the point across. You’ll need Mac OS X 10.3 or better to play, and the rules are standard (you must make available jumps). If you want to work on improving your game, please note that you can choose from easy, medium, and difficult levels. I always find multiple levels of difficulty to be helpful, as I can begin at a relaxing pace and get a feel for the game (and the AI) before graduating to more challenging matches. You can locate this version by visiting

Note: The following downloadable Mac checkers games were all found at the same website:

100% Free Checkers – Developed by DreamQuest, this Macintosh compatible checkers program has received a rating of 7.3 from users of the site. While no more information was available, a 7.3 isn’t too shabby in my book.

Battle Checkers – This is a variation of standard checkers that uses a Russian version of the rules. In this case, checkers can move backwards to capture pieces, and a kinged piece can move diagonally as far as it can travel in a straight line. Also known as Tower Checkers, it lends a whole new twist to online Mac checkers. Whenever you’re looking for a change of pace from traditional online checkers, give this one a try.

3D Checkers – The computer intelligence in this checkers game is superior, and it allows for both network games and skinning. Sixteen variations of checkers are available, including the following: Traditional, International, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Pool, Thai, Diagonal, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Frisian, Sri Lankan, and 80-cellular. And for players who like a challenge, there are five levels of difficulty to choose from.

Checkers-7 – This checkers program allows you to choose from three levels of difficulty, and you can either play against a real person or the computer. Numerous skins allow you to change the appearance of the board, and it can even be modified based on your own designs. Numerous other customizations let you adjust the size of the board, background, and tone colors. Games can be saved, and possible moves can be examined. There are 14 types of checkers games to choose from, including Thai, Turkish, Italian, American, Brazilian, Crowded, Canadian, Frisian, International, Pool, Gothic, Spanish, and Russian.

Checkers for Mac offer a diverse group of products to be downloaded or enjoyed online. And no matter whether you’re playing by yourself or against a friend, you can be certain that the level of enjoyment will be raised to an all-time high.