Java Checkers Programs

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet, then you’re familiar with the distinctive logo depicting a steaming cup of coffee that pops up whenever you play certain games. This is Java, the computer platform powering many of the online features that don’t require a download. And, as luck would have it, examples of Java checkers programs can be found in abundance across the World Wide Web.

I’ve detailed some of the more popular and accessible versions of Java checkers below. I’ve also included notes on actual gameplay and functionality.

To achieve the best results while playing Java checkers, be sure to have the latest version of the product running on your Mac or PC. The Java official site has all manner of updates and downloads, so there’s no excuse not to be on the cutting edge of Java technology. As for checkers, well, practice makes perfect.

Checkers Games Powered by Java

Java Checkers – If a no-frills game of online checkers is what you’re looking for, then this free, Java-based site should do the trick. Created by Bill Bereza, Java Checkers lets you  select from the following difficulties: wimp, easy, normal, hard, and genius. Players can also choose whether they’ll be red or black, and the “Undo” button allows you to take back the previous move.

Yahoo Checkers – Hundreds of thousands of people can be found playing games on Yahoo at any given time, and their checkers section is one of the most popular. There are unlimited free play tables to enjoy, while joining up for a fee will allow you to play in more exclusive areas without all the requisite Internet fools. You can play head-to-head against the computer, but the greatest fun comes from pitting your checkers skills against opponents from all over the planet. Just imagine playing a game of checkers with someone from South Africa, Brazil, or Norway. This is even more exciting when you consider that Yahoo provides a chat feature allowing you to communicate with your opponent during play. I’ve made a few pals in this fashion, the most notable being a 58-year-old book binder from Italy named Alfredo. Ciao, Alfredo!

Checkers Game Java – This Java version of checkers lets you play with pieces that have cats and dragons on them. There are no sound effects or fancy graphics. I did notice that the computer passed up an opportunity to make a jump, so either the program is flawed or it’s playing by the rules of international draughts. Don’t take too long to make a move, either, or the program will time you out.

Java-Checkers – In this simple version of checkers, the board is made up of black and grey tiles, and the opposing pieces are red and grey. The player will be assigned the red side of the board, and pieces are moved by clicking on them with the mouse and then clicking again on the square you wish to move to. There are no sound effects or graphics. A button allows you to abandon a game and start over, or simply begin anew when the last game is finished.

Pogo Checkers – When I dropped by to check out their selection of games, I noticed that there were over 140,000 other people doing the same thing. It’s no surprise, really, as Pogo features more than 100 free games, free registration, and the chance to win daily cash prizes. Most games can be played online, although some can also be downloaded to your computer (this latter feature will not work for Mac owners). The standard rules of checkers apply, and you can chat with your opponent while playing head-to-head. Accomplishments such as getting kinged or jumping an opposing piece will earn you Pogo tokens, and these can later be converted into tickets for Pogo’s daily, weekly, or monthly prize drawings. I also enjoyed the fact that you can customize your gaming experience by choosing from three distinctive design themes (my favorite is “classic wood and brass”).

Frog and Toad Checkers – I’ve never been that interested in frogs or toads, but this Javascript checkers game should be perfect for kids (especially those studying amphibians in school). Playing pieces are decorated with frogs and toads dressed up like human beings, which should immediately get a giggle from little kids and adults who are easily amused. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward version of checkers with no special graphics or sound effects. There is a button that allows you to begin a new game, which should be perfect if your youngster is running into trouble against the computerized opponent.

You now have enough online checkers options to keep you entertained for the foreseeable future. If you’re new to the game, I suggest playing a computerized opponent on the easiest level before graduating to human opponents and high AI settings. This way, you can learn a bit about the complexities of the game and build up your confidence before being reminded that some people take their checkers very seriously.