Easy Checkers Online

I enjoy playing easy checkers online whenever I get the chance. It’s a game I was introduced to in my youth, and I have a number of fond memories that center around playing with my grandfather. But while we played for the fun of it, there are a growing number of people who approach their games with the seriousness of open heart surgery. This article is not for them. Instead, it’s dedicated to those who approach checkers as an entertaining way to pass the time while enjoying the company of loved ones or newfound Internet friends.

The Rules of Checkers

If you’re interested in a game of easy checkers, there’s a chance you might not even know the rules of the game. Don’t worry, though, as this section will explain everything you need to get started. Keep in mind that these rules are for American checkers, also known as English Draughts (pronounced “drafts”).

A standard checkerboard is made up of 64 alternately-colored squares, with each row having eight squares. Each player begins with 12 checker pieces (usually red or black), and these are set up on the three rows closest to each player. Pieces are placed on the darker squares, and movement will only be into these darker areas during the game.

The object of the game is to capture all the opposing pieces. Each turn, you may move one checker piece diagonally, and jumping an opposing piece counts as a move (although jumping multiple pieces may allow your piece to move several spaces). Pieces may only move or jump forward, and the goal is to move one or more of your pieces into the opponent’s back row. When this occurs, your piece will be kinged, meaning it can now move and jump backwards and forwards (although it’s still limited to one move per turn).

A piece is eligible to be captured if it’s next to yours and there is an empty space behind it. When this occurs, you must make the jump, even if it means that your own piece will be jumped on your opponent’s turn.

Good Places for Online Checkers

If you’re looking for an easy game of online checkers, I suggest you visit either Yahoo or Pogo. These are two of the largest gaming sites, and each offers an array of classic and original board, card, and strategy games. Internet checkers is popular on both sites, and Mac users can play with no difficulty. You can engage in head-to-head competition with people from every corner of the globe, and the chat function allows you to get to know your opponent while playing. At Pogo, you can even earn tokens for getting kinged or jumping opposing pieces, and these tokens can be redeemed for tickets in their prize drawings.

Tips for Easy Online Checkers

Now that you know how to play checkers, you’re probably itching to get in there and test your skills. But before you take on an Internet opponent, here are a few tips for getting the most fun out of an easy game of online checkers.

Tip #1 – Examine all available moves, but remember not to take too long. Some online opponents can get impatient, so try to move within 30 seconds.

Tip #2 – If you try to chat with your opponent but they don’t reply, respect their wishes and remain silent. You can always look for a more talkative player during your next game.

Tip #3 – Even if you’re losing, don’t quit mid-game. Stick around until the bitter end, and you’ll probably learn a few important lessons along the way.

Tip #4 – No matter whether you win or lose, always be sure to congratulate your opponent. It’s called “good sportsmanship.”

Tip #5 - Have fun. After all, that’s the ultimate point of checkers or any other game.

Fun Variations of Checkers

In addition to playing fun checkers online, there are a number of special editions and variations that you can play against friends and family members. All of these items were available from Amazon as of this writing.

Patch Checkers – This is a traditional game of checkers that’s ideal for kids. The game is sized for travel, and the big, magnetic pieces are harder to lose than those of the average checkers set. It fits into a small tin case for easy storage.

Trapdoor Checkers – A novel twist on checkers. Appropriate for ages 7 and up, the board includes a number of trap doors that can be opened up. Players can choose to move pieces or possibly open up the trapdoors. Any piece that’s atop an opened door will be eliminated from play and fall out of sight. Adds a whole new wrinkle to the game.

GeoSafari Dino Checkers – This game is great for kids who love dinosaurs. It plays just like regular checkers, but pieces take the form of prehistoric beasts. The squares look like they’re made of lava, and any piece that gets kinged is turned into a T-Rex. There’s even a plastic tar pit where captured pieces can be placed.

Kiss Checkers – Fans of the band KISS will love this version of checkers. The game board features the classic members in full makeup, and the custom KISS checkers have special instructions on the bottom to add a twist to the game. Or, if you prefer, the instructions can be ignored while you play a regular game of checkers.

Disney Villains Checkers – Packaged in a collector’s tin, this game includes a version of Tic Tac Toe. Six cauldron pieces are included for crowning, and each checker has a picture of a famous Walt Disney villain. Some of the baddies included are Jafar, Captain Hook, and Cruella De Vil. If you know a child who loves checkers and Disney movies, then this makes a perfect gift.

Whether you enjoy easy checkers online or in-person, the tips and ideas contained in this article should help maximize your enjoyment of the game. And that’s the great thing about checkers: It appeals to all levels of skill or dedication. So whether you aspire to win the world title or just want to stir up memories of being huddled around a table with your grandfather, a game of checkers is always just a few minutes away.