Checkers Drinking Games

While the number of popular checkers drinking games can be counted on one hand, the fine art of getting wasted courtesy of drinking games has been around for a long time. In fact, the legendary philosopher Plato was the first to mention the practice in Western literature, and a drinking game known as Kottabos has been traced back to Greece in the 4th or 5th century B.C. The Chinese have long loved their drinking games, too, although sadly a version centering around Chinese checkers has yet to be invented. According to historical data, Chinese were getting tanked using dice or riddles as far back as 618 B.C.

But that’s all ancient history, as we’re here to talk about drinking games for checkers. So forget all about games like Edward Fortyhands, flippy cup, quarters, beer pong, fuzzy duck, or bloody knuckles. All you really need is a checkerboard, a high tolerance for alcohol, and the willingness to make a fool of yourself.

Beer Checkers – Shot Glass Checkers

I spent a considerable amount of time doing research on the Internet, and I only turned up one viable drinking game for checkers. It’s called Beer Checkers, although it’s also been known as Shot Glass Checkers. In order to play, you’ll need the following items:

Before play begins, set up the shot glasses on the board and make sure that the glasses on each side can be distinguished from one another. Then fill each glass with beer or some other form of alcohol. I suggest using mixed drinks if beer isn’t an option, because drinking too many straight shots could result in serious health issues. And just so we’re clear: Don’t play Beer Checkers and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. There’s a high probability that you’ll be legally drunk when the game is over, so make sure you have a designated driver or the number of a cab service.

The rules of beer checkers work just like any other game of checkers, and you can choose to play the American version or one of the varieties from around the globe. But here’s the difference: Whenever one of your pieces is jumped, you must remove the eliminated shot glass and drink the contents. This continues until the end of the game, when the losing player must drink all the shot glasses remaining on the board (regardless of who they belong to).

Since there aren’t any other checkers drinking games to be found, you can mix in a few variations to keep things fresh. First off, try limiting each player to no more than five seconds per move. If you take longer than five seconds, you might even be penalized by having to take a drink.

Another option is to make someone who allows an opponent into their back row (thus resulting in a king) drink two shots instead of one. Other variations could include drinking twice if your king gets jumped, or taking two drinks when your piece is jumped by an opposing king. As you can see, even this simple drinking game for checkers can be given a new wrinkle or two.

Finally, there’s the tag-team option. It’s just the same as the game listed above, but this time each side of the board is controlled by two players who alternate turns. To heighten the confusion and the drinking, I suggest that partners aren’t allowed to communicate with one another during the game.

Beer Checkers Sets

It should come as no surprise that someone would try to make a few bucks off of Beer Checkers. In fact, I turned up more than one individual willing to sell such products. A $24 set on Amazon comes with a board and shot glasses of different colors, while a Google search also located a shot glass checkers game for $21.90. One site even had the guts to advertise it as a great graduation present, although giving your friend or family member the gift of alcohol poisoning doesn’t seem like the wisest move.

So the next time a party is coming up, dust off your checkerboard and prepare to get drunk while playing checkers. And just because I’ve listed Beer Checkers as the only option available, there’s nothing stopping you from inventing your own game. Somewhere in that great pub in the sky, I’m sure a bunch of ancient Greeks and Chinese will be cheering you when they’re not falling off their barstools.