Checkers Download

Playing against human opponents online or in person can be a lot of fun, but sometimes I prefer to compete against a computer. When this urge strikes me, I usually set off in search of a checkers download or checkers software. Of course, sifting through the Internet for quality products can be a drain on anyone’s time, so I’ve put together a list of checkers games compatible with both the Mac and PC.

Software and Downloads for Checkers

Carl’s Classics – Made by Gameon and originally intended for the Windows XP platform, this $6.99 checkers download allows you to play the following games: checkers, Chinese checkers, chess, backgammon, Hex Puzzle, Memorize, Make Five, Carl’s Crypto, Mosaic, Puzzle, pachisi, Mini China, reversi, and Word Puzzle. Games can be played on levels ranging from beginner to expert, although no save feature is included. The graphics are serviceable, but they do look a bit dated compared to more modern checkers software.

World’s Best Board Games 2009 – Released by PC Treasures, this game is compatible with Windows 2000, Me, Vista, or XP. The difficulty level has three settings, and you can choose to play against friends or the computer. Includes 3D graphics and a range of sound effects, as well as the following games: checkers, Chinese checkers, Catch the Hat, backgammon, Blocked!, alquirque (an ancient forerunner of checkers), chess, Game of the Goose, Kalah, Picture Puzzle, peg solitaire, pachisi, Nine Men’s Morris, Senat, reversi, Tafl, and Snakes and Ladders. Don’t expect to breeze through these games on the easy level, however, as one Amazon customer mentioned that she kept getting beat on the lowest level of checkers. Then again, perhaps she just overestimated her skill level.

Checkers 3D – Casual Arcade designed this game, and it’s compatible with Windows XP Professional, XP Home Edition, 2000, Vista, or newer platforms. Impressive 3D graphics are common in every game, and you have the option of playing against a virtual opponent or a friend. One Amazon customer did complain about the ease of play, so don’t be surprised if the easy level lives up to its name.

World’s Best Checkers – Originally designed for the Windows 95 platform, users with more current computers should also be able to enjoy the virtual board and multiple computer opponents. Developed by Sterling Software, the product description boasts that it can also be used to play online checkers.

Hoyle Puzzle and Board 2011 – This checkers download is available with both Windows platforms and several versions of Mac OS. Traditional classics such as checkers, chess, mahjong, and Chinese checkers are included, plus card games, brain teasers, strategy games, and more. There were 10 reviews for this product on Amazon, with two giving it the highest 5-star rating and six delivering the lowest 1-star rating. Complaints included a distorted screen and controls that didn’t work on a consistent basis. Meanwhile, others seemed to have no problem at all with this checkers software.

Board Games for 2 – Supported by Windows 95, this gaming software includes eight great games that can be enjoyed by a pair of people. Checkers is included, of course, and other options range from chess to backgammon.

Family Board Games – You’ll need at least Windows XP, ME, 2000, or 98 to run this checkers software. Take a look at some of the games you get: checkers, chess, backgammon, Enigma, Quatro, and reversi. I’ve never heard of Enigma or Quatro, so I’m looking forward to giving those two a try.

Bicycle Classic Board Games – Compatible with Windows ME, 98, and XP, this Activision title allows you to play all the favorite board games from your youth. Checkers and Chinese checkers are a given, while other games include chess, Mancala, Vanish, Sink the Ships, backgammon, mahjong, dominoes, and many more. Game options and difficulty levels are adjustable, and animated characters are provided to help teach you the rules and strategies unique to each game. Kids will love the latter feature.

Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games – Created in 2010 by Encore, this latest edition of Hoyle’s gaming software runs on Windows Vista, XP, Mac OS X, and Mac OS X Intel. All of your favorites are included in this set, including checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, battling ships, backgammon, pachisi, reversi, and Sudoku. One piece of advice: Hoyle seems to release a new version each year, but they’re all essentially the same aside from the box they come in. Save yourself some money by finding a favorite edition and sticking to it.

Card and Board Classics – This checkers software from eGames is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 2000, Me, and XP. This gives you access to over 2,300 classic games. Card games include such favorites as solitaire, gin rummy, and pinochle, while board games feature checkers, chess, and mahjong. In addition to these well-known games, unique creations such as Sunken Treasure, Kakuro Master, and Blingo are also part of the package. One Amazon customer claimed to have found spyware on a few of the games. While they may have been mistaken, approach this game with caution and make sure that you’ve got a reliable anti-virus and spyware program installed beforehand.

As more and more people connect to the Internet, online gaming continues to introduce new generations to classic board and card games. This has resulted in a yearly influx of products being released for the home market, and those searching for checkers software or a checkers download should find numerous options available. So read through the descriptions above, get your credit card ready, and prepare to enjoy a few games of checkers from the privacy of your den or office cubicle.