Checkers Games

I love playing checkers games, so I’m trying to put everything you ever wanted to know about the game right here in one convenient place. If you are new to checkers, you can learn how to play checkers and review the official rules for the checkers game. Get some practice playing free checkers games online and browse the variety of checkers game boards and checkers board sets. Most free internet checkers includes chat, so you can connect with checkers players all over the world. Who knows? Maybe you will find yourself competing here against the best checkers players and become a better player yourself.

What Is the Game of Checkers?

In North America, we call it checkers. The rest of the world calls it draughts. Ancient forms of this game have been found throughout antiquity. In its earliest form, checkers was known as Alquerque or Quirkat, with origins in the Middle East and Africa. The ancient Egyptians were known to play Alquerque and even displayed Alquerque boards on their temples.

The Evolution of Checkers

Online Checkers GamesThe ancient rules of Alquerque were lost ages ago, but the game was revived in the 13th century with new rules. While the original Alquerque board was made of only 25 squares within intersecting diagonal lines, the French reintroduced the game with a chessboard, first calling it Fierges and later calling it Dames. The Dutch expanded the board to 10 x 10 and made the 20 piece set up standard, named Plaisant. This eventually become the Brittish Draughts and American Checkers games you are familiar with, having 64 squares and 12 pieces for each player.

Variations of Checkers

Wherever the game of checkers goes, it changes with the culture it finds there. In Germany, only kings can capture kings. In Turkey, they use both dark and light squares, allowing pieces to move forward and to the side, rather than diagonal. In Canada, a version of the game is 12 x 12 squares, using 30 pieces on each side.

Online checkers games have also evolved into several other varieties. International Draughts uses the 10 x 10 board, while Standard American rules utilize the 8 x 8 board. You can also play the standard Go as You Please version or try 2-Move or 3-Move Restriction.

Checkers Tournaments

Each type of checkers game has its own tournaments and championships (the same goes with checkers games online). One may excel at Go as You Please but struggle with 3-Move Restriction. It is all about analyzing and understanding all of the moves available to you and choosing the most advantageous positions. This requires great mental focus, a clear memory of past games and the ability to analyze many possibilities.

Why Play Checkers

The skills you learn in checkers (or online checkers) will help you sharpen your mind because it keeps you learning new moves all the time. It takes many years to understand the game and all the possible moves available fully. It is a great way to stay sharp mentally, while you learn from other players and advance your skills.